Transforming office courtyards with Landscape Architecture

12th January 2021

Moretown Gardens

St Katherine Docks

Connecting humans and nature to promote mental and physical wellbeing

Creating a Utopian work place for the twenty first century, where all the campus ‘residents’ feel equal, comfortable, calm, enriched, happy and connected to nature.

Supporting play, socialisation and mental well being.

Transforming hard, grey inactive courtyards


Into softer, greener, enlivened gardens


Campus strategy

Creating a series of subspaces supporting play and socialisation in a welcoming and tranquil environment

  • Arrival space
  • Relaxation garden
  • Play piazza

Creating a cohesive Campus with a sequence of Gardens, supporting a sense of arrival, relaxation and play.

Arrival Space

Welcoming, enriching, directional

Arrival space before and after visualisations



Arrival space – completed scheme

Enhancing the sense of arrival with planting and lighting

Relaxation Garden

Calm, tranquil, secluded, intimate

Relaxation garden before and after visualisations



Relaxation Garden – completed scheme

Featuring Chill Dome and lush planting.


Play Piazza

Vibrant, active, playful, fun

Play piazza before and after visualisations


Play piazza – Completed scheme

Promoting socialisation and play


Cascading Stairs

Enlivening, pocket socialisation

Cascading stairs before and after visualisation


Cascading Stairs – completed scheme

With sculptural furniture, planting and lighting