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Our Philosophy

Support Human-Nature

It’s at the heart of everything we do in designing places to support the mental and physical health of human beings and the wellbeing of the natural world for future generations to enjoy.

Promote Comfort and Connectivity

To balance ‘human-nature’ we create spaces that offer comfort, enabling people to feel welcomed and stay. Concurrently we promote the connectivity of humans with humans, human with nature, and nature with nature, at all scales from the micro detail to the bigger picture.

Achieve a Sense of Belonging

Whilst connecting humans and nature, we must also strive to achieve a ‘Sense of Belonging’ in our designs by

promoting contemporary design,

respecting physical context

& considering human needs.


Our values underpin everything we strive to achieve as a company in both the work we produce and the environment we work in. These have been identified by our team and can be summarised as follows:

In our work and in our relationships with clients and other consultants.

Exploring creative solutions to maximise the value of any site.

In both technology and sustainability.

A company that talented and team playing professionals want to join and flourish.

Considering people and biodiversity in the spaces we design.

Outerspace is a certified ‘Green Small Business’ through our business sustainability model and environmental management system.