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Richard Broome

Richard BroomeBA (Hons) DipLA dipUD CMLI

Managing and Creative Director

Richard Broome established Outerspace in 2002 and has over 25 years’ experience of urban regeneration and the design of the public realm. Working on schemes ranging from high density residential to mixed use, education, healthcare and small private gardens, Richard has an in-depth understanding of the creative design and technical complexities involved in all scopes. Richard’s distinct Outerspace approach to place making, based ‘human-nature’concept,helps to attain successful planning applications and beyond to deliver high quality schemes that respond to people’s needs whilst promoting bio-diversity. He is passionate about what Landscape and public realm can bring to both a client’s scheme and the end user’s quality of life. These values are translated into his leadership of the company and the Outerspace approach.

Interesting fact: Richard is the Boathouse Table Tennis champion, winning and holding the trophy at present!
Bianka Schneider

Bianka SchneiderMSc LA (Hons)


Bianka Schneider has over 18 years’ international experience working as a Landscape Architect in New York, Berlin and London. As an Associate in Outerspace, Bianka has been lead Landscape Architect on many of our most prestigious and technically complex projects. Bianka has a wealth of experience of designing spaces from urban areas to private gardens where her passion for planting in many different and sometimes demanding environments shines. Her skills in understanding complex schemes and advising her team on solutions show in the built projects she is running, most notably in the award winning Greenwich Square scheme.

Interesting fact: Bianka is the founder of the much loved and very popular sketch club here at the Boathouse, meeting every Thursday by the river. Bianka has set up a twitter feed so you can all see the club’s work
Nick Willmore

Nick WillmoreBA (Hons) Dip LA


Nick has over 13 years experience as a Landscape Architect. His strength lies in co-ordinating and communicating with both the client and the team involved with the scheme. Working closely within a design team, liaising with contractors, engineers, local authorities and architects. His strength lies in co-ordinating and communicating with both the client and the team involved with the scheme.

As an associate, Nick has worked on many different schemes since joining Outerspace. Currently he is working on two re-generation projects  in Essex and Lambeth which require huge amounts of community consultation to improve the quality of the scheme for all residents involved, from the new to the existing. Nick has lead discussions and workshops on planting opportunities to make sure residents can take ownership of the design, while keeping the scheme to the client’s wishes and necessary scheme guidelines.

Interesting fact: Nick has an unhealthy obsession with baking Sourdough Bread and has not bought a sliced loaf for about 3 years…..
Antony Geddes

Antony GeddesBA, DipLM, MSc, CMLI, CHort


Antony is a Chartered Landscape Architect and Chartered Horticulturalist, specialising in Landscape Management. After studying at Sheffield University, Antony worked in a variety of practices both in the UK and Canada. The seemingly perpetual student, Antony returned to study a part-time MSc in Horticulture at Reading University, whilst carrying on with his day job of overseeing the build of the London 2012 Olympic Village in Stratford, as one of the on-site Landscape Architects.

Through training and 14 years of diverse experience in landscape, garden design, horticulture and construction, Antony has also gained experience in hard and soft landscape procurement. Following a period of working for a leading landscape contractor, honing his onsite skills, Antony came to Outerspace as an Associate looking to move back into focused design and landscape management role.

Interesting Fact: Whilst spending the majority of his time as a dog pillow, Antony is (slowly) learning to play the Saxophone…Mainly to get the dogs off him!


Matt Ellins

Matt EllinsBA (Hons) Dip LA CMLI

Senior Landscape Architect

Matt is a Senior Landscape Architect at Outerspace and has over 7 years experience in the industry. Matt has worked on a wide range of projects at Outerspace and is currently involved on some very complex large residential schemes in the city. Matt enjoys seeing the project through from concept to construction and is passionate about the contribution landscape architecture is making to the evolution of our cities.

Matt is committed to quality and sits on the internal ISO 9001 quality management team working to ensure Outerspace’s processes and systems are continuously reviewed to ensure best practice.

Interesting fact: Matt has a phobia of big birds like chickens – he is not sure when or why this phobia started, could it be a Hitchcock style film in the making?


Anushka Athique

Anushka AthiqueMA BA (Hons) PG Dip LA

Landscape Architect

Anushka has been working as a Landscape Architect for three years. Graduating with a distinction on her masters at the University of Greenwich and with a previous MA in scenography, Anushka understands and enhances the landscape in both a functional and creative perspective. At Outerspace, Anushka has already helped out on a major housing project, a small residential scheme and many other projects.

Interesting fact: Anushka used to learn trapeze. Obviously not afraid of heights (or falling). Just a trapeze rope, the ability to glide, balance; and co-ordinate in the air. Doesn’t sound difficult at all!


Giovanni Grigoletti

Giovanni GrigolettiMSc MA

Landscape Architect

After gaining his engineering qualification in Italy, Giovanni moved to Edinburgh and gained a MA in Landscape Architecture. Since joining Outerspace, Giovanni is delivering technical assistance on two large residential schemes. Along with sharing our passion for fantastic design, and lots of coffee (done the Italian way of course), Giovanni has settled in quickly at Outerspace.

Interesting fact: Giovanni has a slight obsession with donuts. Starting when he was in Italy and continuing when he moved over here, his favourite filling is jam and cream. An obsession we can all enjoy.
Sara Sandei

Sara SandeiBA (Hons) MSc

Landscape Architect

Sara hails from Italy where she gained a BA in Environment, Landscape and Territory. Completing her MA in Greenwich in Landscape Architecture, we are delighted that Sara has joined the Outerspace team, where she is helping out on many of our projects, and using her Rhino skills to great effect.

Interesting fact: Aside from her love of football, Sara loves fencing having spent 9 years practicing in Italy. “it is a challenging battle against an intelligent opponent, who will try to counter your moves.”  On guard!
Ignacio Ribera

Ignacio RiberaMA Arch PGCert MA

Landscape Architect

Since completing his Architecture degree in Spain, and working for a couple of years in Madrid, Ignacio then completed his MA in Landscape Architecture at Greenwich. At Outerspace, Ignacio is helping out on many of our projects, using his BIM knowledge on an existing project moving onto phase 3. He sits on the Outerspace CPD group, spearheading subject and development ideas for the company.

Interesting Fact: Ignacio once designed a poster for a friend’s band in Spain. Somehow this poster then ended up as a major part of the set on a Spanish TV soap opera, appearing on the background of classrooms and corridors, and known to most teenagers in Spain!