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Outerspace Urban Design – Its Human-Nature

March 2021

Discover why our human-nature design philosophy shapes urban spaces for both people and planet. Connecting humans with nature, nature with nature and humans with humans.

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Transforming office courtyards with Landscape Architecture

January 2021

Moretown Gardens, St Katherine Docks
Creating a Utopian work place for the twenty first century, where all the campus ‘residents’ feel equal, comfortable, calm, enriched, happy and connected to nature.

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Valuing Our Parks Beyond the Pandemic

November 2020

When the public parks movement started in the late 1800s, Victorian philanthropists sold them as new lungs for the city. Now the Covid-19 pandemic has us gasping for air in more ways than one.

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Greenwich Square London

June 2020

Promoting wellbeing by connecting humans and nature

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Tree Specification – Do we need to be more diverse?

March 2020

As our ‘climax vegetation’, trees are one of the most precious natural resources in the UK. As Landscape Architects we can help protect trees in our urban environments by diversifying the tree populations we specify.

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International Women’s Day 2020

March 2020

Yesterday was international Women’s Day. In this blog Outerspace’s female Landscape Architects talk about what it is about their profession that makes them tick.

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