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Clean Air Day 21.06.18

June 2018

Clean air day 2018. Here at the Boathouse, we encourage all our staff to walk, cycle, run or get the bus to work. We have provided bike sheds and stands for many bikes to make the decision to ride to work an easy one.  When we look at the large scale residential projects we are working on, car parking is still seen as a key element on every scheme. The future is obviously still car based, despite the ambition of some of the sites to provide better cycling paths and green areas to promote clean air. Perhaps the combination of electric cars, whose popularity is growing and growing, thanks to government grants, choice of car available and charging points – meaning 155,000 plug in vehicles are now on the road. The emerging business of renting bikes for a single journey, via an app, and a code to ‘start’ the bike;  effectively negating the use of bike stands by just leaving them where the journey ends  is a really promising introduction to enable choice for the end user, having to use other transport such as trains or buses, but may use the bikes for the start or end of a journey. The OBike, even lets you know how much carbon you have saved at the end of your journey. Obviously much more needs to be done to tackle such a large problem, but these two trends are promising.

Pia promoted to Senior Landscape Architect

June 2018

Congratulations to Pia for her promotion to Senior Landscape Architect at Outerspace. Pia has worked with Outerspace on many of our projects and recently on Heathside and Lethbridge; an affordable housing scheme by Peabody.  Pia also sits on the Outerspace CPD and soft planting groups

Greenwich Square block 3

May 2018

Surprising image on Google earth of the Greenwich Square development shows what has been built so far and what we are currently working on.  So far we have completed the piazza, phase 1, phase 2, and we are now working on phase 3 (this bit looks like the car park on the picture).

Goodbye Rory

April 2018

Good luck and goodbye to Rory who left Outerspace on Friday after 3 half years with us.

We wish him all the best in his new job, and hope they have table tennis at his new place of employment!

Plumstead nursery workshop on soft planting

January 2018

Outerspace joined a full house at Plumstead Nursery on 24.01.18 for a day of talks on soft landscaping in Landscape Architecture; Taking Gardens and Landscapes to a Whole New Level. Great speakers including Dan Pearson talking about his planting in Kings Cross detailing what he choose and why.

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East Square Basildon

November 2017

We are very excited to be working on this new vision for East Square in the heart of Basildon.  As part of the regeneration of the area – Outerspace is also working on the Beechwood estate regeneration,  East Square will have a massive uplift, in line with a brand new cinema complex and new housing […]

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